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Dear Friend,
I urge you to stand with me today as we bravely step forward in a crucial battle against the deadly crisis of Fentanyl. This fight is one that hits close to home for me, as the unbearable tragedy of losing my beloved daughter Stevie and her unborn child to Fentanyl toxicity in January 2022 has shattered my world.
My heartache is raw, yet it fuels an unquenchable determination. The photograph shared below immortalizes a tender moment between me and my baby girl Stevie on Father’s Day 2021 – a precious memory, forever etched in my heart. At that moment, I was unaware that I had less than seven months left with her.
But it’s in the face of such adversity, that we find the strength to fight. Today, I ask you not just for your sympathy, but for your active participation.
Your contribution, which is completely tax-deductible, is a beacon of hope and a testament to your belief in our mission. It’s more than a donation; it’s a partnership in our heartrending yet hopeful journey towards eradicating the menace of Fentanyl.
With your invaluable support, we can make a difference, we can save lives, and we can honor the memory of Stevie and all others who have fallen victim to this devastating epidemic.
Thank you in advance for standing beside us in this noble endeavor. Your generosity and compassion are deeply appreciated.
With Peace & Blessings,
Imagine a world where tragedy fuels transformation. Where personal loss is transformed into a universal gain. That’s the world Hope2Heal, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, aims to create. Our mission is driven by a story – a story of loss, but more importantly, a story of resilience, passion, and determination. It’s the story of a life lost too soon to the Fentanyl epidemic: Stevie, a beloved daughter, sister, and and expectant mother.
Over 39 years of professional therapy work in mental health, substance abuse, and in courts across state and federal levels is more than a career for me, it’s a calling. Today, this calling takes on a new, more personal meaning. In the face of devastating loss, I stand with a renewed empathy, a deep understanding of the pain felt by many I’ve helped over the years. This empathy fuels my urgency to act.
Hope2Heal, Inc. is a beacon of hope, education, and empowerment. Our offerings are unique, impactful, and driven by our mission:
  • We champion awareness by offering top-tier education about the Fentanyl epidemic, a crisis that threatens us all.
  • Our team constantly updates data on Fentanyl-induced homicides, termed as “Death by Distribution,” to emphasize the severity of this issue.
  • We shed light on the rippling effect of Fentanyl through generations. When Stevie, pregnant at the time, fell victim to Fentanyl toxicity, it wasn’t just one life we lost. It was four generations impacted: a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a brother, and an unborn child.
  • We offer a support system to families grappling with grief. With counseling, mentorship, and peer-support, we strive to help them navigate their sorrow.
  • Our distinctive mission includes reaching out to former Fentanyl dealers. We aim to channel their entrepreneurial skills towards productive, legal avenues, ultimately strengthening the fabric of our society. Instead of punitive measures, we offer assistance in discovering and implementing ideas, insights, and strategies for their new, non-violent businesses.
At Hope2Heal, Inc., we’re not just fighting a battle; we’re starting a revolution, one where pain becomes power and loss becomes a catalyst for change. It’s an ambitious mission, but with your help, it’s entirely possible.
Become a part of our mission and together, let’s turn the tide on the Fentanyl epidemic. Together, let’s bring hope to heal.