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Coach Certification

Embrace Your Past. Empower Your Future

The Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification Program is calling you.

Gain DOUBLE certifications in only 90 days – a Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Life Coach and a Certified Hope2Heal Transformation Coach or Practitioner.

Be personally mentored by Steven Sweeney, M.Ed., the pioneer of “Only A Lion Understands A Lion” coaching methodology. His transformative approach, rooted in his own experiences and vast credentials, is revolutionizing the coaching industry.

Our program isn’t just theoretical – it’s REAL. We believe in turning personal challenges into empowering life lessons.

Limited Time Offer

We’re making your journey easier with flexible in-house financing and payment plans. Start empowering others without the financial stress!
Your past experiences have shaped you. Now, it’s time to let them guide others. This program is designed for anyone who has faced life’s adversities and now ready to transform them into a passion-driven career.
Become more than a survivor, become a beacon of hope.
Ignite your transformation with the Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification today! 
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