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So You’ve Been Betrayed - Now What?

You’re going through one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever have to endure… but there’s good news: Not only can you survive this; you can thrive.

Now a certified post-betrayal transformation practitioner, C. Steven Sweeney specializes in helping his clients through the trauma of betrayal and finding the route out of the darkness towards happiness – and that’s exactly what this sympathetic and enlightening book is designed to do for you.
Inside, you’ll discover:

  • A clearer understanding of the nature of betrayal – uncover the reason why it hurts so much.
  • Key questions to help you deepen your understanding of your pain.
  • The 5 paradigm shifts that will be key to your growth and transformation as you recover from the pain of betrayal
  • The author’s honest and open personal testimony – see the astounding results he achieved when he applied his methods to his own life.
  • The ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ of betrayal (yes, there really is a good side – and you can find it)
  • Why rebuilding your trust is key to your progression… and how you can get there
  • The inspirational dating profile that was key to Sweeney finding the woman who was truly right for him – you could do this too!
  • The ‘only a lion understands a lion strategy’ – and why it beats traditional marriage counseling.
  • How you can accelerate the journey and come out the other side stronger.
  • Inspiring testimonials from clients who have tried Sweeney’s methods and have their own stories to tell
  • And much more.

There is a positive angle from which to view betrayal – and you can come out the other side with the realization that your experiences have led you to something greater.
You have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who is not only a certified therapist and life coach, but has been exactly where you’re standing right now… and can tell you it really does
get better.
Discover the secret to turning your betrayal into the key to the rest of your life.