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Steven Sweeney is a certified cognitive-behavioral therapist, post-betrayal transformation practitioner, life coach, and the author ofSo You’ve Been Betrayed – Now What?

His books are designed to teach readers how to use their personal trauma as opportunities for personal growth and success in the pursuit of happiness.  He’s a life long serial entrepreneur who started earning $5.00 per week playing the piano at Sunday School when he was 12 years old.  

In July of 1984, C. Steven Sweeney, Founder of Good Success, began his counseling career at Catawba Mental Health Center, in Rock Hill SC. While in this entry‐level position as a Therapeutic Assistant in the Structured Intensive Care Day Program for the mentally ill, Steve enrolled in the graduate degree program for Community Guidance Counseling at Winthrop College. In 1986, Steve was the first African American male to earn a Master of Education Degree in Counseling from Winthrop College, now Winthrop University.

After completing grad‐school in 1986, Steve applied for a position at the York County Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, now known as Keystone Substance Abuse Services. It was his first position as an outpatient substance abuse counselor and the beginning of his career.

In 1991. Steve was offered the opportunity for employment at Lancaster Recovery Center (LRC), an organization listed as one of the top 100 inpatient alcohol and drug treatment facilities in the United States. Steve remained at LRC for ten years, during which time he was provided with opportunities to work in many different areas of the organization in addition to counseling. His experiences there laid the foundation for the formation of his own company. Steve credits LRC for motivating him to excel as a counseling professional and instilling the importance of providing high quality, comprehensive, integrated clinical and non‐clinical recovery support services, as well as how to establish and maintain enduring community partnerships through consultation and collaboration.

Steve began working with York County Juvenile Drug Court in 2003 while working at Catawba Mental Health Center. In 2005 he decided to form his own company. Without interruption for the last 16 years, after multiple times of being awarded new contracts, Good Success has provided treatment services to York County Adult and Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts. During 5 of the 16 years, Good Success provided services to the York and Lancaster County Juvenile Drug Courts.

Here are just a few of the qualities that we believe make us successful:

  • We value our partnerships and relationships with the participants and the Drug Court Multidisciplinary Team members and strive to demonstrate how much they are valued
  • We adapt to the needs of the participants and the Drug Court Programs as their needs change and evolve
  • We work as a team with the other Drug Court stakeholders to achieve the goals and objectives of the programs and most importantly, those of the participants
  • We are solutions focused and we go beyond what is expected
  • We recognize that each participant is entitled to the full extent of physical, social, psychological, spiritual, and emotional care required to meet their needs. We refer to culturally appropriate resources within the community when a participant presents with any need that is beyond our scope of practice, and we follow up to ensure continuity of care
  • We take care to document patient assessments and progress accurately, honestly, and objectively, and provide written documentation to the Drug Court team weekly
  • We use random and frequent drug testing as a strong deterrent to drug use
  • Our core competency is to thoroughly over‐deliver in every aspect of our service delivery
  • We have a corporate culture of dependability and reliability
  • Our strict adherence to the ethical standards and best practices of Addiction Professionals
  • Our dedication to professional development
Our Mission

Assist aspiring entrepreneurs through mentoring and education.

Value Statements
  • Our clients’ success is our success. The quality of their experience at HOPE2HEAL is the truest measure of our success as a nonprofit organization.
    Small business drives our national economy through business formation, job creation and wealth building. Small businesses are critical to vibrant communities.
  • In relationships, we act with integrity, respect, honesty, purpose and professionalism.
    We listen with an open mind, encourage and openly communicate with all people
    seeking our services.
  • We believe in the importance, value and power of diversity – diversity of people and
    diversity of thought. Diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, geography and experience
    among our team members enable HOPE2HEAL to effectively execute its mission of
    helping all small business owners.
  • We believe that small business owners who are lifetime learners adapt to change more
    readily and are more successful. They strive to remain relevant and to achieve
    personal satisfaction and growth.
Qualitative Objectives

Due to the experiences our clients have endured, we expect them to have low self- esteem, poor confidence levels, feelings of guilt and despair, and hopelessness. Nevertheless, we believe that after completing our services which are specifically customized to meet their individual needs, our clients will demonstrate the following qualitative outcomes that reflect behavioral improvements:

  •  higher self-esteem and confidence levels
  • resilience and determination to succeed
  • forgiveness for their past mistakes
  • hope for a transformative future
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