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Contact: Steven Sweeney, M.Ed., CCBT, CBGT, CPSP
Founder, Hope2Heal, Inc.
Phone: 864.907.7959

Rock Hill, SC – June 1, 2023 – Today, we announce the birth of Hope2Heal, Inc. (EIN: 85-
2390856), a compassionate 501(c)(3) nonprofit rooted in the belief that personal heartbreak
can be channeled into collective healing. Our narrative is not just a mission statement; it is a
testament to human resilience and the embodiment of our commitment to catalyzing change
in the face of personal loss and societal challenges.

At the forefront of this transformative initiative is our founder, Steven Sweeney. His decades-
long career in the fields of mental health, substance abuse, and the justice system is enriched

by personal experiences of betrayal and healing, empowering him to guide others from the
depth of despair to the heights of resilience.
Hope2Heal’s unique strategy for fostering personal and community recovery involves
channeling individual adversity into entrepreneurship. Through our Entrepreneurship
Literacy Program, we aim to support those who have weathered life’s storms, guiding them in
building successful businesses. With a network of strategic partnerships across various
sectors, we ensure our clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their specific
entrepreneurial aspirations.

Further testament to our innovative approach is the Hope2Heal Transformation Coach
Certification Program. This unique offering nurtures the transformational journeys of our
clients by providing them with dual certifications – as a Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Life
Coach and a Certified Hope2Heal Transformation Coach or Practitioner. This program is a
living embodiment of our conviction that personal challenges can indeed be transformed into
empowering life lessons.

Steven Sweeney, our founder, shares, “Our mission celebrates the diversity of experiences,

thought, race, gender, ethnicity, geography, and more. We aim to assist all small business
owners, to encourage lifelong learning, adaptability, and personal growth.”
Our success, we believe, is intrinsically linked to the success of our clients, and we staunchly
uphold the values of integrity, respect, honesty, purpose, and professionalism. We are
dedicated to the belief that small businesses are the driving force of our economy and the
cornerstone of vibrant communities.
Join us at Hope2Heal as we turn personal adversities into stepping stones for transformative
healing. For more information on our services, approach, and how you can contribute to our
mission, visit
About Hope2Heal, Inc.
Hope2Heal, Inc. (EIN: 85-2390856) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to
empowering individuals who have encountered life’s adversities to transform these
experiences into opportunities for growth, resilience, and happiness. Guided by its founder,
Steven Sweeney, a certified and seasoned therapist, Hope2Heal aims to turn personal
heartbreak into collective healing. Through a diverse range of programs and services, the
organization champions the belief that everyone, regardless of their past, can achieve their
full potential and experience personal satisfaction and growth.
Visit for more information.